“Si”, an ode to life by Armani

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"Si", an ode to life by Armani
“Si”, an ode to life by Armani

As the Armani house so aptly puts it , “the ‘Si’ perfume is a tribute to modern femininity, an irresistible blend of grace, strength and a spirit of independence”. It embodies the female courage to say “If” to life. With him, the woman wants to be more enthusiastic than ever. However, she does not forget her refinement and her naturally authentic chic.

Armani style in a perfume

“Si” is a bright , charismatic and sophisticated juice . In short, it fits perfectly with the image we have of the Armani woman. It embodies Italian chic as we like to imagine it. Its fragrance is delicate and delivers instant emotion. It contains a very feminine strength associated with an extreme softness. With him, sensuality is played out in elegance and his thirst for life radiates from all sides. He imposes his vision of the world and his serenity gives courage to anyone who dares to display his light and seductive wake. With him, saying “If” to life is an art that should not be denied to express.

The elegant delicacy of the “Si” perfume

“Si” is intense and sweet at the same time. It is a reinvented chypre juice. From its top notes, the blackcurrant bud displays its striking and racy freshness. Nevertheless, it is softened by the sensual presence of vanilla. Then, it evolves towards a particularly feminine heart. This is a huge bouquet of flowers, including May rose and freesia. Its elegance then vibrates even more under the intensity of patchouli. Finally, “Si” further accentuates its sophistication through amber, musky and woody tones. Everything is contained in a bottle faithful to the Armani style. This one is purified and very elegant. Its square seat nevertheless contrasts with the voluptuous contours of its cabochon. Likewise, the transparency of its case is wonderfully juxtaposed with the black lacquering of its stopper.