Reveal your dazzling femininity with the Yes I Am Glorious set by Cacharel

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Reveal your dazzling femininity with the Yes I Am Glorious set by Cacharel
Reveal your dazzling femininity with the Yes I Am Glorious set by Cacharel

The Cacharel house was created in 1958 by Jean Bousquet. Since that day, she advocates female independence and celebrates the beauty of women around the world. Associated with a strong dose of romantic poetry, Cacharel leaves more and more room for sensuality. As proof, the Yes I Am perfume depicts the portrait of a femme fatale, presenting herself in a bottle in the shape of a lipstick, an undisputed attribute of seduction and femininity. In 2021, this scented collection is offering its fourth opus. Yes I Am Glorious shines even more beautiful and offers us a more luminous and sunny edition of its scent. To please you or as a gift, Cacharel reveals this new composition in a unique gift box.

Cacharel’s Yes I Am Glorious box set

The Yes I Am Glorious perfume is now presented in a rectangular cardboard box, whose shape is quite classic, but whose top shines brightly. Yes I Am Glorious sparkles with an infinity of golden glitter. On this box proudly sits the silhouette of the bottle of Yes I Am Glorious, as well as its name. So what’s inside this pretty gift box? Two products from the Cacharel collection have slipped inside: the Yes I Am Glorious perfume spray in a 50 ml format, associated with a Yes I Am Glorious body milk, also in a 50 ml capacity. With the Yes I Am Glorious box by Cacharel, your favorite scent will never leave you and will even dress your body from head to toe, while taking care of your skin!

Yes I Am Glorious, a luminous and delicious fragrance in a lipstick tube

The one who wears the Yes I Am Glorious perfume by Cacharel is a radiant woman, dazzling with life and luminous. Her joie de vivre is communicative and her face shines with a sumptuous smile. This translates into a floral, oriental and sparkling scent. With Yes I Am Glorious, it all starts with a white peach nectar that is as juicy as it is sweet. Its heart, meanwhile, takes us in a floral swirl, associating several white flowers. The latter are dominated by the presence of magnolia petals, with spring delicacy and immense sensuality. Finally, in its base, Yes I Am Glorious by Cacharel takes up the iconic cremoso touch, signature of the entire Yes I Am collection by Cacharel. Gourmet at will, this one goes with a breath of gourmet milkshake … A real delight!
On the aesthetic side, Yes I Am Glorious by Cacharel comes in a bottle shaped like a lipstick tube. True trompe-l’oeil, this one offers itself a new color. Perfectly anchored in the “glow” trend of the moment, it shines and sparkles, while offering a new nude gradient.