Guerlain – Adornment of Light Foundation

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Guerlain - Fluid Illuminating Foundation

Guerlain introduces you to its new Parure de Lumière Foundation …

Adornment of Light Foundation

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The Parure de Lumière Foundation is available in 2 textures:

  • a Fluid Texture: 02 Light Beige, 03 Natural Beige, 04 Medium Beige, 05 Dark Beige, 12 Light Pink, 13 Natural Pink, 23 Natural Gold, 24 Medium Gold, 25 Dark Gold.
  • a Cream Texture: 02 Light Beige, 03 Natural Beige, 04 Medium Beige, 13 Natural Pink.

Parure de lumière is its first alchemist foundation, creator of light, multiplies the luminosity of the foundation and the radiance of the skin.

With each application, a precious “drop of care” seems to melt on the face, closely hugs the skin and stretches gently to leave it soft,


Guerlain - Cream Light Set
Guerlain – Cream Light Set


smooth and pulpy like a fruit soaked in sap.

Fresh and fluid, the foundation glides on the skin, delicate, supple, melting, imperceptible.

The finish is so perfect you would think you were wearing nothing.

The only dazzling shine remains.

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