Frozen Amber Eau De Parfum

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Vendor: Fragrenza Twist
Type: Twist
59.99 – 69.99
(2 variants)

The citric essence of orange and lemon fragments in the chilly winter breeze adds a feeling of wildness and rowdiness. Spiritual homage to the chilly winter night is added up with a deep and fuzzy fragrance of coriander and cinnamon crystals. The historic and pleasing aroma of smooth and soft amber brightens all the uneasiness of the soul. Spices of caraway blended with patchouli leaves add a mystical and mysterious essence to a refreshing self. The feelings of beauty lust and love are dazed in some charming moments with awe-inspiring fragrance.

Top notes are aldehydes, mandarin orange, orange, mate and magnolia;
Middle notes are coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg and caraway;
Base notes are patchouli, amber, labdanum and vetiver.

A twist of Comme des Garçons & amber

Frozen Amber A fragrance by Fragrenza Twist. This is a top fragrance alternative clone similar to Frozen Amber  Twist