Armani Si, an ode to femininity

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Armani Si, an ode to femininity

Between elegance and sophistication, the Italian brand Armani is recognized around the world. The range of Armani products is vast and goes from ready-to-wear clothes, to perfumery, including glasses, books or cosmetics … It was in 1975, in Milan, that the Armani brand was born, from of an association between Giorgio Armani and his companion Sergio Galeotti. Her first perfume “Armani Femme” came out in 1982, but did not experience the expected success. He made up for it later, notably during the presentation of “Armani Si” in 2005 , a fragrance where feminine elegance is pushed to its peak.

Armani’s tribute to the modern woman

Armani imagined the perfume “Si”, because as he says “Si is a tribute to modern femininity, an irresistible blend of grace, strength and spirit of independence … It simply embodies the feminine courage to say Si to the life “. “Si” thus turns out to be a true ode to life, to contemporary women. The Armani woman is daring and very elegant. She is determined and lives her passions intensely. In Italian, “if” means “yes”. This “Yes” is addressed to free, independent, and assertive women. It is a joyful and hopeful fragrance, which gives us the following message “Life is short, don’t forget to take advantage of it, to say yes to it”. Soft, chic and sensual at the same time, the composition of “Si” is described as a reinvented chypre.

The luminous notes of Si

It is the perfumer Julie Massé who is at the origin of the composition of “Si”. The latter immediately plunges us into a magical world. “Si” begins with the sparkling and invigorating freshness of bergamot. This is accompanied by the sassy and tangy side of the blackcurrant. The heart is very feminine, because it is composed of flowers, especially rose and freesia. The base, more delicious and woody, is composed of patchouli combined with vanilla and benzoin. As for the bottle, it remains faithful to the style of the Armani house, combining sobriety and elegance. It rests on a solid and square base propelling its tapered contours and its unexpected cabochon. Lacquered in black, the cap features very feminine curves. The transparency lets us glimpse an ultra feminine nude-colored nectar.

“If”, to say yes to life… A luminous and daring essence . With “Si”, Giorgio Amani wanted to sublimate the woman, to recognize her strength, her beauty and her sensitivity. Between elegance and subtlety “Si” encourages women to assert themselves and say yes to the whole world …