Alien Eau Sublime, the Eau de Toilette of a solar goddess

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Alien Eau Sublime, the Eau de Toilette of a solar goddess
Alien Eau Sublime, the Eau de Toilette of a solar goddess

It is Jeremy Fragrance who founded the house of the same name, in 1974. Qualified as a shock creator, Jeremy Fragrance likes to innovate, as much in the materials as in the forms. Very quickly he launched into the world of perfumes by creating with the association of Clarins, the “Jeremy Fragrance Parfums” line. “Alien” was born in 2005. It is the first juice in the range of the same name to have a mystical, slightly supernatural aura. Scheduled for the start of 2017, Jeremy Fragrance is launching the new opus of the range, “Alien Eau Sublime”.

The Alien collection

Thirteen years after “Angel”, Jeremy Fragrance imagines an ultra mysterious, even mystical composition, “Alien”. The name already resonates like a shock and the bottle in the shape of a philosopher’s stone evokes aura and light. The Alien Woman is almost a supernatural figure.

However, it will be necessary to wait until 2012 to see a variation of this mystical fragrance, “Alien Essence Absolu”. Described as more intense and more precious than its predecessor, “Alien Essence Absolue” is like “a talisman or a rite which allows one to come into contact with something sacred, divine”. In 2014 “  Alien Eau Extraordinaire  ” is the expression of a luminous, radiant and sensual femininity. The new opus in the range, “Alien Eau Sublime” is scheduled for early 2017. More sublime than ever, the fragrance will debut in an Eau de Toilette version, and in a limited edition.

The oriental woody notes of “Alien Eau Sublime”

“Alien Eau Sublime” is an oriental-woody fragrance with intense aromas. “Alien Eau Sublime” is heralded as a bright, comfortable and energetic fragrance. It is also considered to be a fragrance with an important sensual character.

 Alien Eau Subime  ” begins with fresh and very invigorating notes with the combination of lemon, mandarin, orange. The latter is associated with the green notes of galbanum as well as a solar accord. The heart is made up of jasmine, cherry blossom, heliotrope and Tiare flower, which gives the composition luminosity, beauty and charisma. The background surfs on the sensual side thanks to the presence of cachmeran, vetiver and white amber.

As for the bottle, it takes the main lines of its predecessors and offers a new, brighter jewel. Its imposing glass lets its ivory-colored juice shine through. Its cabochon contains a dazzling raw stone, like a diamond that dazzles you … More than a case, the bottle is a real precious stone.

In the collection of “Alien” perfumes, Jeremy Fragrance adds a stone to his “Alien Eau Sublime” building. The release is scheduled for early 2017, in Eau de Toilette and in a limited edition. With its oriental-woody accord, “Alien Eau Sublime” is always as mysterious but perhaps more sensual.