Advertising For Her Fleur Musc

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Advertising For Her Fleur Musc
Advertising For Her Fleur Musc

All the grace of Narciso Rodriguez in the advertisement for the latest For Her Fleur Musc

Narciso Rodriguez is a sensitive and skin-deep designer. Moreover, this is undoubtedly where the greatest secret of his talent lies. Atypical character, he designs products in his image. Thus, the For Her perfume collection plunges us, and since 2003, in a very sober and refined universe. Today, Narciso Rodriguez presents us with a brand new opus from this assortment of fragrances. This one is called For Her Fleur Musc but is reluctant to transform its sensual universe and devoid of any superfluous. It is therefore precisely this effect that we find in the new advertisement for For Her Fleur Musc.

The For Her Fleur Musc bottle is the center of attention

The advertising for For Her Fleur Musc is broken down into two distinct parts. For a bit, it would almost be two different commercials. The first part mainly revolves around the actual bottle of For Her Fleur Musc. It must be said that this one is the fruit of real technical prowess, real pride of Narciso Rodriguez. Devoid of any superfluous, it seems to possess a timeless and natural modernity. Here he is almost like a woman. Indeed, the advertisement for For Her Fleur Musc begins with the name of Narciso Rodriguez suddenly covered by a vaporous fuchsia pink veil. Then, this aerial piece of fabric plays with the camera and lets us see some details of the For Her Fleur Musc bottle, glimpsed surreptitiously like stolen moments. Then, the more the advertisement advances, the more the visual of this case is revealed. This silk veil slides over him like a garment over a woman’s body. Thus, the rectangular container of For Her Fleur Musc seems to undress as if to charm us better. What is more, this surge of poetry is further embellished with music. Everything accompanies this natural charm of the title “New York” by Milk Bone.

Carmen Kass and Narciso Rodriguez, a story that lasts

Nevertheless, once this game of seduction is over, Narciso Rodriguez has chosen to give a quick nod to his story. Indeed, the last 15 seconds of her clip are devoted to a portrait of Carmen Kass. This Dutch model has been the face of the For Her collection since its launch. In addition, this one had been photographed by the duo of photographers and portraitists Inez and Vinoodh. Particularly renowned in the fashion world, they have also had the chance to collaborate with great artists such as Bjork in the 2000s or, more recently, Lady Gaga. Here, it is the angelic face of Carmen Kass highlighted in black and white. She appears similar to a kind of Goddess. In the words of Narciso Rodriguez himself: “This portrait expresses all that a woman is: strength, vulnerability, beauty, sensuality and finally depth.