A radiant glow thanks to the ClarinsMen Tan Booster

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A radiant glow thanks to the ClarinsMen Tan Booster
A radiant glow thanks to the ClarinsMen Tan Booster

For now, the sun is still waiting. Besides, it can be felt on your face. We are all the same: when winter comes to an end, our mine is not at its best. So how about owning the same glowing complexion all year round? To do this, Clarins has developed a brand new product specially dedicated to the epidermis of men. This one is called Booster Bronzer and is surprisingly easy to apply. More than ever, ClarinsMen has declared that the time for spring has come .

The many advantages of the Bronzing Booster

The ClarinsMen Tan Booster is a far cry from the self-tanners of yesteryear. In addition, it offers men a very natural look. Forget the orange complexion of products from older generations. The Bronzing Booster does not have the ambition to be noticed. The idea is simply to make you look radiant but not artificial. What’s more, if the self-tanners of the past tended to dry out the skin, Clarins made sure to incorporate moisturizing agents into its new Bronzer Booster. Thus, it does not provide any feeling of tightness. Its effectiveness has also been tested on a large panel of men. The latter have then very widely acclaimed occurs. 89% of them say they are won over by their natural tan, while 90% of men affirm that the Bronzing Booster allows to obtain a uniform result without any trace. What’s more, it is the first self-tanner to be specially designed for men’s skin and to integrate directly into their daily care. Finally, note that it is composed of 99.8% of ingredients of natural origin.

ClarinsMen application tips

For optimal results, ClarinsMen also gives us some application advice regarding its Bronzing Booster.. The brand first recommends exfoliating the skin regularly in order to eliminate dead cells on the surface and to promote the general luminosity of your face. Then, the Bronzing Booster is integrated directly into your daily care. First, start by taking your usual cream and placing a small amount in the palm of your hand. Then add about three drops of Tanning Booster to it. Mix everything between your two palms to obtain a homogeneous result. Then all you have to do is apply the resulting mixture on your face, taking care to avoid your eyebrows or beard. Likewise, remember to wash your hands with soap after each use.