A new Le Male bottle for its Essence

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A new Le Male bottle for its Essence
A new Le Male bottle for its Essence

The new bust of the Male Essence de Parfum by Jean Paul Gaultier

Since the start of 2016, a real wind of innovation has been blowing within the Jean-Paul Gaultier house . Indeed, it was bought by the Puig group. The latter then did not hide his ambitions for the brand and displayed a real desire to refocus on the essentials of the brand. Thus, it is a dusting of the emblematic male perfume Le Mâle which is this time offered to us by Jean-Paul Gaultier. It reinvents itself in the form of the Male Essence de Parfum and is modernized on all sides, starting with its bottle.

The famous torso of Jean-Paul Gaultier

Since its release in 1995, Le Mâle by Jean-Paul Gaultier has been embedded in a bottle in the shape of a male bust. Also, it reappears but is seen this time considerably modernized. Jean-Paul Gaultier’s emblematic sailor shirt has given way to a totally transparent polished glass, letting us glimpse the bluish-gray color of its juice. Likewise, the rounded curve of the Male of yesteryear has given way to a torso with sharper and sharper edges. The waist of this new Jean-Paul Gaultier man is also more pronounced and his V-shaped silhouette slightly tilted backwards seems to have been carefully worked out in the gym. The whole is also topped with a copper-colored spray cap. The overall rendering of this new juice is thus particularly modern and refined.

The original tin can of the Male Essence de Parfum

Likewise, as usual, it is an original packaging to say the least that adorns the new Male Essence de Parfum . Indeed, this one abandoned the iconic cardboard box of the perfume department for a tin can! This reflects all the humor and self-mockery of the couturier Jean-Paul Gaultier. This unusual designer still doesn’t seem to want to take himself seriously. The whole has nevertheless exchanged its aluminum color for a more coppery lacquer for a rendering that is still just as confusing but at the same time very elegant.